Kuaha Matihiko

Gateway for land and water data

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About Kuaha Matihiko

Land and water data can be inaccessible, expensive, hard to find, or not publicly available. Here a new digital gateway will be developed to give all New Zealanders transparent access to trusted data sources. Our research aims to create a digital MVP (minimum viable product) gateway to data and tools that is user-friendly, open-access, inclusive, collaborative, and trustworthy. Called Kuaha Matihiko, the digital gateway aims to consolidate access to disparate systems and data layers behind a single ‘shop-front’ that enables people to both access and contribute data. Our project will be highly participatory, with the gateway co-designed through wānanga and engagement with Māori, local and central government, and other stakeholders, to ensure that Kuaha Matihiko is relevant and attractive to various groups to meet their needs.


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