Kuaha Matihiko

Derrylea Hardy

Research Officer, Find Data

Aug 15, 2023         /          4 min read


Future Legislative Changes and Data Impact

There are several future legislative changes in the land and water (L&W) space in Aotearoa New Zealand, potentially affecting data requirements for evidence-based decisions and government reporting.

Adapting the Digital Gateway for Legislative Requirements

To accommodate upcoming legislative changes, the Digital Gateway must develop or adjust data sources and reflect these shifts over time.

Review of National and International Legislative Frameworks

A significant aspect of our research involves examining the national and international legislative frameworks and anticipated changes related to land and water.

Collaboration and Workstream

Michael Mouat, who recently defended his PhD, played a key role in the 2022-2023 period, assisting in the legislation review. A draft paper produced in collaboration with Associate Professor Matt Henry and Michael Mouat, titled “An Evolving Thinking Infrastructure: Land and Water Data in a new Resource Management Context,” is set to be published as a journal article by year’s end.

Randerson Report Findings and Environmental Data Challenges

Drawing from the Randerson Report (2020), our study highlights shortcomings in the existing planning framework, including a lack of strategic focus, insufficient recognition of cultural considerations, and fragmented environmental data reporting.

Recommendations for Legislative Changes

Given these issues, the Randerson Report proposes replacing the Resource Management Act (RMA) with three distinct pieces of legislation, which we delve into:

  • The Natural and Built Environments Act
  • The Strategic Planning Act
  • The Climate Adaptation Act

Incorporating Mātauranga Māori and Data Variability

The review points out the growing diversity of data sources beyond conventional biophysical metrics due to the integration of Māori knowledge (mātauranga Māori) into planning processes.

Transformation of New Zealand's Planning Framework

In the midst of incremental change, New Zealand’s planning framework is undergoing significant transformation. Environmental concerns, such as water quality and climate change, are driving urgency.

Shifting Need for Environmental Data and Adaptability

Evolving legislative requirements necessitate varied and specific environmental data, demanding flexibility and adaptability from our Knowledge Management: Digital Gateway (KM:DG).

Flexible Design for Findable and Accessible Data

Aiming to provide accessible data for diverse users and purposes, the KM:DG’s design must remain flexible to accommodate present and future data needs.

Structured Review and Organized Sections

The review is meticulously organized into five main sections, offering a comprehensive exploration of the legislative landscape and its implications.

Upcoming Release of the Full Report

Anticipate the forthcoming release of the full report, which promises further insights into the legislative review and its outcomes.

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